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How to create a Bitcoin Wallet.
Another way to earn money is Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurenccy which has much value than gold and there are other cryptocurenccies e.g Litecoin,Dashcoin,Dashcoin,Etheruem,Dogecoin,Monero,Fantomcoin,Bytecoin and so many others.
Bitcoin is to be stored in a Bitcoin Wallet you can create a bitcoin Wallet on the following website:

To register for your bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain,type the address on your browser, it could be Chrome,Firefox or Internet explorer.Type:   On their main page you see register(sign up) and login button,then click the register button to be redirected to the registration page,it will ask for all your valid information e.g email or number and name.You will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your registration.

When you have successfully created a bitcoin Wallet,you can send and receive bitcoin successfully on your wallet.And also you can earn bitcoin in so many ways,that is the next post I will be posting online on how to earn real bitcoin and send to your own wallet. Coinbase is an online bitcoin wallet that store bitcoin for you and also help you to be able to send and receive bitcoin successfully on your wallet,it gives a bonus for depositing and referring your friends and family,it also as an  app that show the live trading chart of bitcoin and it’s current market price, it is also said to be secure and fast in mining blocks to speed up the transaction.
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